Friday 4 December, 2020

CoP warns against trespassing, larceny at Heritage Petroleum Company

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) has cautioned members of the public against engaging in acts of malicious damage, trespassing and larceny, against any premises, particularly against buildings, equipment and premises belonging to the state.

It says these acts constitute criminal offences.

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith notes the security concerns regarding the premises of the new Heritage Petroleum Company and says police will continue to maintain active patrols in these areas and are fully operational in and around the premises to prevent such acts.

Commissioner Griffith says officers will swiftly enforce the law against anyone found to be engaging in such criminal activity in and around these premises.

The TTPS wishes to remind the public of the law regarding these offences:

According to the Larceny Act Chapter 11:12, Section 28: 

Any person who— (a) breaks and enters… any building belonging to the State, or to any Government department, or to any Municipal or other public authority, and commits any arrestable offence therein; or (b) breaks out of the same, having committed any arrestable offence therein, is liable to imprisonment for ten years.

In accordance to the Malicious Damages Act Chapter 11:06, Section 6: 

Any person who unlawfully and maliciously sets fire to any building, belonging to the State, or to any city, borough, town, ward, parish, or place, or to any Court of Justice, or devoted or dedicated to public use or ornament, or erected or maintained by public subscription or contribution, is liable to imprisonment for life.

Persons are also being strongly warned against tampering with machinery or equipment on the premises of Heritage Petroleum Company Limited.

Section 16 of the Malicious Damages Act Chapter 11:06 states:

Any person who unlawfully and maliciously cuts, breaks, or destroys, or damages with intent to destroy or to render useless, any electric wire, pipe line, engine, or any part of the machinery, works or plant, whether fixed or movable, used or intended to be used for any agricultural, electrical, oil mining or oil refining operation, or for the manufacture of any product whatsoever, or for the conveyance or distribution of such product, is liable to imprisonment for seven years.

Regarding trespassing, according to the Summary Offences Act Chapter 11:02, Section 46(d):

Any person found in any verandah, gallery, passage, gateway, dwelling house, warehouse, store, stable, outhouse, or other building, or in any yard, garden, or other enclosed land, for any unlawful purpose; may be deemed a rogue and vagabond, and shall be liable to imprisonment for two months.

The TTPS says that person found to be responsible for breaking the law or conspiring to engage in such criminal activity will be criminally charged and also civil action can be pursued against them.

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