Tuesday 27 October, 2020

Cops identify two suspects in PoS shooting

Two of the suspects in Tuesday’s shooting spree in Port of Spain have been identified.

The deceased are Richard Thomas, 29, from Sea Lots, and Joel Roberts, 29, also from Sea Lots.

The third victim remained unidentified up to early Wednesday morning.

Meanwhile, the swift response of an off-duty police officer is being praised by senior officials, as this potentially limited the number of fatalities and injuries.

Tuesday’s shooting along George Street resulted in eight persons between the ages of 19 and 60 being shot.

Among the eight was Lystra Hernandez, from Las Cuevas, who eventually succumbed to her wounds.

PC Rodriguez from the Inter Agency Task Force, who was in the vicinity at the time, immediately drew his licensed firearm and confronted the gunmen.

He shot in the direction of the two suspects who had opened fire.

The men in turn, began running east along Prince Street, towards Nelson Street, with their getaway vehicle just behind them.

Eyewitnesses say PC Rodriguez gave chase, all the while, he was being shot at.

Upon reaching the corner of Prince and Nelson, the car reversed north onto Nelson Street.

The assailants continued to open fire on PC Rodriguez, who all the while, returned fire and took cover.

During the foray, one of the assailants dropped his firearm.

The two suspects got into the car and escaped via Nelson Street.

PC Rodriguez collected the dropped firearm and immediately made a report to the Duncan Street Police Post.

The weapon, Loop News was told, was a semi-automatic assault rifle.

Cpl Rampersad is continuing inquiries.

The incident took place around 2.50 pm on Tuesday.

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