Friday 21 September, 2018

Cops shot at in Arouca

Police officers of the Northern Division came under fire while searching for a stolen car on Tuesday in Arouca.

According to police reports, a team of officers from the Special Investigations Unit, led by Senior Superintendent Daniel and Inspector Joseph, made their way to Bon Air West, Arouca, after receiving a report of a larceny of a motor vehicle.

When the officers arrived in the area, they observed a Nissan B14 motor vehicle which matched the description given to them by an informant. The driver of this car, police said, was a man “well known to them” in relation to several car robbery reports.

The officers gave chase, and the vehicle was intercepted in the vicinity of Sunset Drive, Arouca.

However, the driver exited the car and began shooting at the police, as he ran from the scene.

The officers took cover, and, fearful for their lives, drew their licensed firearms and returned fire.

However, in the exchange, the suspect managed to make good his escape.

Despite this, an arrest warrant has been issued for his immediate detention in relation to the allegations.

More on this as it becomes available.