Sunday 5 July, 2020

Cops warn of WhatsApp job scams

The Police Service (TTPS) is urging the public to be wary of falling prey to scams on platforms like WhatsApp, following instances of criminals tricking unsuspecting victims into paying large sums of money in exchange for employment.

The warning from police follows reports of a local social media scam which has resulted in victims being fleeced of large sums of money by criminals. 

The Police Service revealed that in December 2018, members of a WhatsApp group were duped.

The group was told that they would be employed as riggers at an energy company, if they wired TT$3,000 to a Western Union account. 

Upon paying the money, the victims were told to attend an orientation programme carded for January 8, 2019.

However, when they showed up for the orientation, they were told it was cancelled.

Police have not yet apprehended the scammers.  

Offering tips on how the public could safeguard themselves against such social media scams, the TTPS said if an offer is made online, on social media or otherwise and appears too good to be true; then it is highly possible that it is a scam.

The police further advised any transaction involving cash payment of large sums of money to unknown persons should be avoided.

Those who have fallen victim to social media scams carried out locally are advised to make a report to the nearest police station or call 999, 482-GARY or 800-TIPS.

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