Wednesday 20 November, 2019

Councillor: Gov't to blame for Chaguanas mosquito infestation

Chaguanas residents are at the mercy of mosquitoes as fogging equipment to treat with an infestation of the pesky biters has been out of operation for the past six months.

Deputy Mayor of Chaguanas, Councillor Faaiq Mohammed has placed blame squarely at the feet of Government for the problem as he said the non-release of funds from central Government to the Chaguanas Borough Corporation led to the current situation.

Mohammed said the Insect Vector Control was unable to assist when contacted, and was also unable to say when they would be able to lend any assistance due to constraints of their own. 

The Deputy Mayor said he has since reached out to private entities to undertake the necessary spraying in the interest of his burgesses. 

Calling for the urgent release of funds to the Borough Corporation, Mohammed said government is risking the lives of citizens as long as the CBC’s ULV Fogger is out of commission, as they are exposed to diseases such as Dengue and Chick-V.

He said it was a “reckless move out of political spite and malice” by the government who would soon be campaigning for votes in the upcoming local government elections.

The Deputy Mayor called on the public to “remember the way in which the government treats local government when they show up on the doorsteps of the citizens later this year”.

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