Sunday 18 November, 2018

Councillor tells Minister: Come clean about neglected flood victims

Councillor for Reform/Mahambre Chris Hosein is criticizing Social Development Minister Cherrie-Ann Crichlow-Cockborn whom he said spewed “lies”, “half-truths” and “innuendos” about the social welfare grants and programmes put in place by the present regime.

In a statement issued on Monday, Hosein said he listened in disbelief to Crichlow-Cockburn’s speech during the PNM meeting last Saturday.

He said she spent a considerable amount of time outlining the various social welfare grants and programmes which have been in place prior to the Rowley-PNM’s assumption of office in September 2015, in an apparent attempt to fabricate an achievement of the PNM.

“It was the People’s Partnership Government who revamped a number of these grants and programmes and increased the amount of funding given to the recipients under several of these grant.”

Hosein further noted that since the PNM’s resumption of office, members of the public have complained of not receiving the grants which were “revamped” by the previous regime.

“Since 2016, burgesses of Reform / Manahambre have been continuously visiting my office on an almost-daily basis complaining of the many hindrances they face in accessing these grants, particularly the Food Card which past recipients have informed me have been discontinued for them without prior communication from representatives of the Ministry or any of its divisions.”

He said the Minister attempted to paint a picture of smooth sailing in accessing these grants, particularly grants for Disaster relief when in fact this is not the case.

Hosein said since last year’s flooding in October in Reform/Manahambre, not a single victim of flooding has been able to successfully access this grant notwithstanding the major losses and the proper procedures followed.

“On behalf of all flood victims in my district and the vulnerable burgesses of my district who were neglected by this most uncaring government, I call on the Minister to come clean about the neglected flood victims and tell the nation the truth about the exasperation and immense frustration faced by the public at large when dealing with the Ministry of Social Development and Family Planning to access any of these grants.”


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