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Friday 14 August, 2020

Couple helps save environment by upcycling tires into pet beds

A young couple’s creativity during the COVID-19 lockdown is helping to save the environment while providing cuddly, colourful beds for pets.

Entrepreneurs Tenisha Granger and her fiancée Jonathan Ramcharan said although they found the idea for upcycled tires into pet beds online, they believe they might be the first to do this as a business locally.

(Photo: A happy customer relaxes in her new doggie bed. Photos courtesy Tenisha Granger.)

Granger told Loop News that she came up with the idea and her fiancee told her that others had done it online. They then decided to try it at home earlier this year. She began using the tires and upcycling them into colourful and comfy beds for pets.

'We did some research online and saw some posts where it had been done before. So I thought to try it here.'

She said after sharing photos to social media, the response was so positive that she decided to make more of them.

'When I did my first pet bed I posted it to social media and got a lot of great responses out of it, so I decided to turn it into a business.'

(Photo L-R: Tenisha Granger and her fiancee Jonathan Ramcharan are saving the environment, one doggie bed at a time. Photos courtesy Tenisha Granger.)

The beds come in different sizes and colours and feature a comfy inner lining and cushions to keep pets comfy, cosy and happy.

Granger said she is happy to be able to help to provide this eco-friendly solution as there are few options at the moment to recycle tires locally.

'I got a lot of support because people said it’s difficult to recycle the tires and this is a good way to help the environment.'

'I didn’t expect it to be so positive and I was afraid that people would be like ‘oh why is that pet bed made out of tires’, but there a lot of people who like the idea of recycling and don’t want it to go to a landfill.'

'A lot of the old tires just end up in the dump and I was really glad to be able to help the planet by doing this.'

(Photo: Brightly coloured beds with comfy inner cushions on display. Photos courtesy Tenisha Granger.)

She said the early stages were a bit of trial-and-error, particularly in finding the right paint for the tires. However they soon got the hang of it and were able to create bright, colourful designs with many customisable options. 

Once upcycled, the tires are all safe for use, having been thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned.

At the moment the couple is operating out of their home, but they have high hopes to continue expanding and finding more ways to use leftover tires.

'Tires can come is various sizes from small to really large, and they get dumped everywhere. I would really like to do other things with them, for example some people use them as planters. I’d also like to encourage others to find ways to use them and see what they can do with them.'

'There are a lot of tire shops who can’t find anywhere to put these tires and they just dump them, so I think it’s really important to deal with this.'

At the moment the couple received tires from local tire shops however if you do have extra tires that you think can be put toward this purpose, or if you’d like to place orders for the beds, please contact them at 361-9770 or 341-9184.

You can also follow them on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/zeeys_recycledtyres/ 

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