Friday 21 September, 2018

Couva North MP shows 'baby bump' at Divali celebration

Couva North MP Ramona Ramdial welcomed constituents to a Divali celebration on Tuesday evening, also announcing a new addition to her family in a few short weeks. 

Ramdial's announcement put to rest any questions regarding her appearance during her Parliamentary presentation on the 2018 Budget earlier this week. 

She said she is due to have her second child during the week of Divali this year. 

(Photo: Ramdial with her son, Rudra.)

During her presentation in Parliament last Friday, Ramdial again called for more work to be done regarding crime within her constituency and the country. 

"The Ministry of National Security has been lost and there is a lack of vision and leadership at the helm. It seems as though the Prime Minister himself seems to have washed his hands (regarding) crime in Trinidad and Tobago."

"I saw him dancing up a storm and I said to myself, if only he was half as good at his job as a minister as he is on the dance floor," she said, referring to a recent viral video which featured National Security Minister Edmund Dillon dancing while on a boat party. 

She also criticised Finance Minister Colm Imbert's 'arrogance and disrespectful nature' during his reading of the 2018 Budget, adding that the proposed budget measures are too harsh.

"The description of the minister is that we have an angry population at this time; who have no remedy to ease the burdens they have undergone under this new government," she said.


(Divali photos by Rajesh Rattan)