Sunday 7 June, 2020

COVID-19 patients could still have limitations after recovery

After recovering from COVID-19, affected patients may still experience some of the difficulties associated with the illness. 

Speaking at the Ministry of Health’s daily, virtual press conference, Chief Medical Officer, Dr Roshan Parasram explained that life may not go completely back to normal for recovered patients. 

“Just like any other viral illness, especially with COVID-19, you will find that certain people will have a decreased ability to exercise; there may be some shortness of breath that’s associated, so it’s a gradual increase in your general function and going back to normalcy for some people,” he said. 

Those who had milder bouts of COVID-19 may have less difficulty.  

Dr Parasram says that there are different degrees of care that would be needed, depending on the severity of each case. 

“What we are doing at the facilities is just doing nursing care which will ensure that we’re looking at all the patients on a daily basis. We are still monitoring them, but they don’t need hospital level care. They need home care to some extent with some oversight done by the medical practitioners,” he explained. 

Parasram says the need for this type of care is why they’ve set up these quarantine facilities. He says it’s their way of ensuring that recovered patients are as well as they can be, before they’re released into their regular routines. 

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