Saturday 24 October, 2020

COVID-19: Tips for parents to cope as exam time begins

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The Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) will be held on August 20. As a result of COVID-19, health experts believe there’s added pressure on both parents and students to perform. 

At the Ministry of Health’s virtual media briefing today, Counselling psychologist, Camille Campbell, gave some advice on how those undergoing examinations during this time can cope with the pressures attached. Speaking to parent’s first, she encouraged them to uplift their children during this time. 

“Let your children hear encouraging words, words that build. Use words that build their character,” she said. 

She encouraged parents to pay careful attention to their children to stay in tune with how they’ve responded to the recent changes in their routine. 

“Look to see if they are extra tired, feeling cranky or unwilling to do work. Your response to these emotions will either break the child or build them,” she said. 

Campbell also zoned in on parents who pressure their children to pass for certain types for schools. She says sometimes it’s not about the school, but the experience the child has there. 

“Sometimes we may fear our child going to a particular school only to realise after that was the exact place that your child could flourish. Any school that your child is placed in, I encourage you to get involved; join the PTA, be active in the school,” she encouraged. 

Campbell says it’s important to stay close to children during these times in order to provide whatever support they may need. 

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