Monday 6 July, 2020

Cox: TTT Board not fired, but 'reconstituted'

Flashback: New TTT logo unveiled. Photo by Darlisa Ghouralal.

Flashback: New TTT logo unveiled. Photo by Darlisa Ghouralal.

Communications Minister Donna Cox has denied that the Board of Directors of state-owned TTT has been fired.

Speaking with Loop News on Sunday in response to an article appearing in the Sunday Express, Cox said she could not understand why the term “fired” was used when the Board would be reconstituted.

She confirmed that a “new” board would be taking over soon, with a mix of members from the previous board and new additions.

The Minister disclosed that Cabinet took the decision at its last meeting on Thursday and indicated the members of the reconstituted Board will be announced in due course.

She also responded to suggestions that the decision taken to reconstitute the Board followed fallout from lack of livestream coverage of the Central Bank’s news conference on the transition to the new polymer note.

“No, there is no reason like that. I have no idea about that “reason”. It’s just speculation, probably just to make it (the story) look good.”

She noted, however, that adjustments had to be made as she identified “complaints” received, including calls for a “different” type of viewing and the local content offering.

The Minister said Government is working to ensure that the Board aligns with its mandate, as well as making strides to put the company on the path to become more self-sufficient.

She explained that there was nothing out of the ordinary in the move as it was “not a unique management approach”, and assured that Government is only doing what is best to “get it right”.

“It’s like any other organisation. We’re trying to shift personnel around so the desired objectives are achieved.”

Cox said there have been several iterations of the Board and this one is no different.

She remained tight-lipped on which members were retained from the old Board and who would be joining them as she said she did not want to preempt the announcement on the basis that the letters of appointment have not yet been presented to these individuals.

Pressed further, Cox would only say, "You will know soon who those persons are."

The Minister thanked the outgoing Board for its work over the past year.

The outgoing Board was chaired by Lisa Agard and included members Karen Lynch, Dr Rita Pemberton, Anthony Bullock, Nadira Lyder and Dr Jameel Sulimani.

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