Monday 1 June, 2020

Crime Stoppers offers reward for recapture of YTC escapees

Police are continuing their search for five juveniles charged with murder who escaped from the Youth Training Rehabilitation Centre on October 3.

A reward of $50,000 is now being offered by Crime Stoppers for the recapture of each escapee.

The escapees are: 1. Dillano Marcano of La Paille Village Drive, Caroni

2. Jaden Fletcher of Lp#73 Parrylands Village, Guapo

3. Anthony Ramsumair of No. 12 New Village Extension, La Fortune, Woodland

4. Shakeel Brian Seepersad of No. 24 Sea Trace, Bagatelle Road, Diego Martin

5. Darren Scott of O'meara Road, Carapo Village, Arima

Police have asked the public to circulate their photos and contact the nearest police station if they see the escapees, or have any information that will lead to their recapture.

Anyone with information can contact the police at 999, 911, 555, 800-TIPS, any police station, or text/WhatsApp 482-GARY.

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