Sunday 12 July, 2020

Culture Minister assures Carnival events will take place

Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly has assured that Panorama and other Carnival events will happen in 2018.

This, following a court judgement in which the National Carnival Commission (NCC) was ordered to hand over three million in gate receipts collected at this year’s Panorama.

NCC took over the management of the gate following allegations of corruption and mismanagement in the Pan body.

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Responding to the judgement, the Minister of Arts and Culture said there is a seven-day stay in which NCC has to submit evidence of the monies paid to Pan Trinbago for salaries and other necessities outside of the gate receipts.

She said last year, the Ministry paid Pan Trinbago three million dollars against the gate receipts to pay players.

Stating that Judge Vashiest Kokaram is very concerned about the financing of Pan Trinbago and said there needs to be a firm discussion on how the Special Interest Groups are financed and supported by the Government.

She said Government disburses money in four tranches but before each tranche, there is supposed to be monitoring of how the money was spent but that has not been happening.

The Minister said discussions have been taking place but were stalled due to the court case but will resume.

She said she does not expect a resolution of the issues before Carnival but assured that the events will take place.

“While we are having these discussions we intend to have a Panorama and give support to the groups. We just want to regulate that. Discussions are ongoing,” she said.

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