Culture Minister: No Greens likely for Panorama 2017

Panorama will be on but the Greens may not be a part of the event in 2017.

Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly, Minister of Community Development, Arts and Culture told Loop that while she is sure the annual pan event will be on she does not expect the Greens to return.

The Greens, she said, has been Pan Trinbago's private event.

“I would not expect that Pan Trinbago has what it takes to put on the Greens, I don’t expect it would happen,” she said.

The National Carnival Commission (NCC) in conjunction with Pan Trinbago will execute Panorama 2017.

The Minister said NCC will take responsibility for all finances associated with the event including gate receipts.

This action follows the pan body’s inability to pay its players though the Minister said they were given monies to pay pannists for Panorama 2016.

Reports are that cheques have bounced and following the hospitalisation of Pan Trinbago’s president Keith Diaz, pannists were instructed to refrain from cashing their cheques.

The Minister said they have in discussions with NCC to consider options for paying pannists the $1000 owed to them.

“The situation is a convoluted one. There are a number of players who play for different bands, there are names on record that are not players, the list needs cleaning up. We have asked Pan Trinbago to supply a list of players to see the global debt owed to players, there are some inconsistencies about that.

“The Government and taxpayers have already paid that money so we have to understand what is the debt, who is owed and understand if they are part of the band and how to use the proceeds from Panorama. We may think about advancing (the money) once we can verify how much is owed and take it back out from Panorama 2017. We understand the disappointment of the players,”  said the Minister.

The Minister said based on the body’s financial problems as well as allegations of financial improprieties in other stakeholder bodies such as the Trinbago Unified Calypsonians Organisation (TUCO), the Ministry will be looking at new models going forward.

“The issues really suggest that the model allowing them to take full control of their finances with limited oversight has not been as successful as it supposed to be when it comes to transparency  and accountability,” she said, noting that in Pan Trinbago’s case, NCC has not known how much money is brought in through gate receipts, which could be millions of dollars.

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