Tuesday 29 September, 2020

Cycling tracks for Western Main Road, Lady Hailes

Work is being done to introduce designated areas for cyclists to ensure their safety on the nation’s roadways.

New tracks are expected to be constructed in Chaguaramas and San Fernando following the deaths of eight cyclists on T&T’s highways between November and December 2018.

Appearing before a Joint Select Committee on Wednesday, Chief Technical Officer Mahadeo Jagdeo indicated that in the development of new roadways the Works and Transport Ministry will endeavour to provide road facilities for cyclists, in keeping with its proposed National Transportation Plan.

He suggested that dedicated cycling times in designated areas may be the best option.

“We may have to look as we did with the Queens Park Savannah West, where at certain times we provide cycle free time; no vehicles on the road at that time.”

PURE Programme Director Hayden Phillip noted that similar projects are in the cards for Chaguaramas and San Fernando following collaboration with the Cycling Federation of Trinidad and Tobago for a cycling track in Macqueripe to keep cyclists off the highway.

“We also have a project that is supposed to start very soon which will see the Western Main Road, which will take us from the old Chagville area right down to the Teteron (Barracks) where we have the real estate, we have the reserve,” he said.

Phillip said red asphalt would be used on the track to differentiate between the roadway and the track.

The project will begin in the next couple of months.

Meanwhile, burgesses and visitors to the city of San Fernando will enjoy less delays in traffic with the widening of the Lady Hailes Avenue from two lanes to four lanes, while cyclists will have the use of a brand new cycling track.

The upgrades, which are part of the San Fernando Waterfront Boardwalk Project, were first announced by Works Minister Rohan Sinanan at a Post Cabinet briefing in January. According to the figures provided then, the project is estimated to cost $143 million.

PURE Programme Director Hayden Phillip said designs are being drawn up for the project and once the Ministry has the relevant land space facilities will be included for cyclists and walkers.

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