Thursday 4 June, 2020

David Lee criticises Government's 'failed' Dragon Gas Deal

Opposition MP David Lee is criticizing the government for what he described as the failure of the Dragon Gas Deal.

He was responding to Energy Minister Franklin Khan’s revelation in the Senate that the deal has almost come to a standstill due to Venezuela’s current economic crisis.

In a statement on Wednesday, the Point-a-Pierre MP said the entire agreement was a political sham.

“It is time Government end their political charade and admit to the people of Trinidad and Tobago that their much boasted Dragon Gas Deal was nothing more than political public relations.”

Lee noted that the Opposition raised questions about the legality of the deal as it felt that Trinidad’s energy sector’s security became vulnerable.

He said the government’s responses were always aggressive.

“At all times we were met with hostility and called "unpatriotic". Today our citizens can clearly see that these were simply baseless claims by the government in an attempt to mask the unreliable, non-sustainable and false details surrounding this deal.”

Lee stated that the government must not deceive citizens into thinking that this is just a delay or a pause in negotiations. He further said that the Government’s failure to reveal whether a legally binding gas sales contract was signed, was unacceptable.

Comparing the Dragon Gas Deal to Sandals, the Opposition MP said it is another one of the government’s failed game changers. He said the Minister of Energy should inform the public on how much money has been spent and allocated towards this project thus far, given that there has been no beneficial return to taxpayers.

“This entire scenario has clearly demonstrated the inept, relentless incompetence of the Rowley-led administration as they have sacrificed the health and security of our natural gas sector as well as the entire energy sector.”

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