Friday 15 November, 2019

David Lee criticises raid on Anand Ramlogan's housekeeper's home

Opposition Chief Whip and Point-a-Pierre MP, David Lee, is criticising the raid at the home of former Attorney General Anand Ramlogan's housekeeper, which occurred on Wednesday.

Two people were arrested while marijuana was allegedly seized at the Sir Lamont Avenue, Philipine home.

This occurred on the heels of a corruption investigation into Ramlogan, however, his employee said she had nothing to do with the matter and could not say why police would search her home.

In a statement on Wednesday hours after the incident, Lee said the search demonstrated the Government's abuse of power. This, as he claimed Ramlogan's housekeeper's right to privacy was tormented and invaded without the knowledge of Police Commissioner Gary Griffith. 

"These actions make it clear that this government would use their suite of legislation to intimidate, scare and put members of our population into submission in an effort to satisfy their own Political agenda."

He referenced the Whistleblower Protection Bill 2018 which failed to pass in the Lower House after the entire Opposition voted against it on Monday night.

Lee defended the Opposition's position after Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi questioned their refusal to support the Bill.

Al-Rawi implied that their position demonstrated that they had something to be panicked about.

"The recent public utterances by the Attorney General surrounding my statement in the Whistleblowing debate on Monday that the 'pieces of the puzzle are coming together' is a clear indication that the real devious intent of this administration has been exposed. Together with other Members of the Opposition, we unmasked the 'puzzle pieces' that portray the draconian measures of intimidation and tyranny which this Government seeks to unleash on our population under the disguise of corruption-busting," Lee said

The Opposition MP accused the government of consistently ignoring the bloodshed, rampant lawlessness, suffering and crime affecting citizens. He said they are instead, moving to enact legislation which violates the rights as well as freedoms of the nation in an effort to earn political gains.

"We in the Opposition will never stand nor support faulty legislation which does not improve or benefit the lives of our citizens, and even worse, place them in danger. It is​ time the Attorney General and the government spend time looking at legislation as well as laws which can effectively protect the lives of our citizens while ensuring their rights to freedom, life and property as is dictated by our constitution," he ended.

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