Thursday 23 January, 2020

David Rudder to be “Master of Fire” at NEW FIRE Festival 2019

NEW FIRE Festival returns in 2019 with David Rudder headlining the main concert event. 

With three installments in two years, the festival has grown considerably and is already generating some international attention as the Caribbean's premier transformational festival. 

The three-day festival to be held at the picturesque Ortinola Estate in Maracas, St. Joseph from April 12 to 14 has been described as a dynamic, warm, inclusive, transformational experience. It creates an ever-evolving space for progressive cultural expression while adhering to its core principle of ecological sustainability. NEW FIRE does this through hosting activities for children and adults including workshops discussions, overnight camping, an artisan market, live performances, and even yoga. 

"NEW FIRE is about creating that space for civil society-led conversation, collective dreaming, imagining and coalescing of aspirations towards what is possible for us and our societies," said the festival's founder and creative director Gerry Williams. "It is an adventure where we pursue the most sublime possibilities. NFF inspires and uplifts guests, celebrating our most positive human qualities in a spirit of love and oneness. 

"Every aspect of the festival reflects that aspiration to realise the sublime, thus we curate a musical experience in the form of live and electronic music within the festival that aligns with that narrative. The Saturday night at NFF will bring an eclectic mix of superb musical talent all with messages of positivity, love, and inspiration for us to adventure into the sublime. In 2019 we build on that festival music tradition with an array of exceptionally talented world-class musicians such as Isasha, Freetown Collective, Nex Chapta, Caleb Hart, Jivanna, Dayo Bejide Organ Music Movement, and Vizion Music Entertainment. But it gets even better: we are starting a new tradition where we will be featuring artists we designate as "Masters of Fire" and the featured 2019 Master of Fire is the phenomenal David Rudder!"

According to live Music Production Lead for NFF Jayron Remy a.k.a. DJ Rawkus, "The music is what ties all of it together, the Friday night celebration of electronic music, the Saturday night live concert and the authentic dub music vinyl record DJ session on Sunday afternoon will all serve as major touch points in the festival." 

NEW FIRE is also geared toward educating and inspiring the public towards more ecologically mindful and socially conscious ways of living. The festival practices a "zero-waste" policy, which means that single-use plastics or other disposables are not allowed on site. Festival-goers, vendors workshop facilitators and volunteers are required to bring reusable items and leave no trace. 

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