Sunday 25 October, 2020

Destra back with a bang for Carnival 2019

After treading lightly for Carnival 2018 while her broken ankle healed, Destra Garcia is back with a bang.

The Queen of Bacchanal has been blazing up Instagram with sizzling photos from her recent video shoot for the song ‘Wine of the Century’.

In 2018, she did two videos for ‘Family’ and ‘Somebody’ but didn’t star in them because of her injury. Her sister, Kalifa, starred in the ‘Somebody’ video while ‘Family’ was a collage of photos with her friends, fans and fellow soca stars.

Now, she is making up for last year. So far, the singer has released a video for ‘Doh Study People’ in which she stars alongside her sister, mother, Debra, and daughter, Xaiya.

“It happened by default,” she said of the inclusion of her family.  “Christmas season you can’t find anybody and my family is full of characters.”

‘Doh Study people’ was written by Jason ‘Shaft’ Bishop, the songwriter who penned ‘Lucy’ for Destra in 2015. The song is an appeal to people to be true to themselves especially in the era of social media and has caught the attention of Hip Hop stars Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, who publicised it on their social media platforms.

Destra wowed Instagram with this photo from the set of her video for 'Wine of the Century'

“A lot of people are living their lives to please people but you need to be true to yourself. Be yourself,” she said, noting that on social media people tend to show the glamorous parts of their lives which put pressure on others to be like that.

“Don’t let the pressures of society make you into somebody you are not,” she said.

In addition to ‘Doh Study People’, Destra has released ‘FUN’ on the Ghostbusters Riddim, and a tribute to the late Ken ‘Professor’ Philbert called ‘Professor Say’.

Destra was close friends with the late pan arranger and his wife, Sophia. She said she penned the song on the plane home after she found out about his death.

“I was actually getting ready for a show in Jamaica when I found out about his death. That morning we had spoken to Sophie and she said he was fine. And in the night she said he passed and it really threw us. On the plane home I started to think about him and I asked Brian to send me the instrumental we were working on last year. I started to think about him and Carnival without him, the challenges and what made him happy. He believed in love conquering anything,” she said.

Destra said writing the song was an emotional experience.

 “As I started to write I started to cry and I knew at that moment I knew this was it. I sang it for everybody. When we got in the studio with Ibo doing the ad libs I felt I was catching power. I felt the same vibes when we were hanging out and had the same vibes with the pan. It was almost like if he was there with us. It was an emotional experience for me. I am feeling like I did something to honour my friend, I am feeling good about it,” she said.

Destra has more releases to come, including two songs produced by Mr Legz of Grenada and one on the Jammish Riddim from St Lucian producer Motto.

So far for the season she is booked to perform at QRC’s Fete Royal and will be returning to the Old Hilarian’s All Inclusive.

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