Wednesday 19 June, 2019

Devant tells Kazim: Stop beating around the bush on CEPEP recording

Former Government Minister Devant Maharaj is reiterating the call to Rural Development and Local Government Minister Kazim Hosein to state whether it was his voice in a 24-second clip colluding with a Government MP to add and remove CEPEP contractors .

Maharaj’s comments follow Minister Hosein’s allegations that he sent out the recording in an attempt to be accepted into the United National Congress (UNC).

However, the former Minister denied this.

“Contrary to the belief of Minister Kazim Hosein this is not about being drawn into a scandal or allegations, the issue at hand surrounds the procurement practice of the Rowley Administration of CEPEP contractors.”

Maharaj said the PNM based its 2015 election campaign on accountability, transparency and good governance. He said as such, the population which voted on these issues, deserves to know the procurement process utilised to engage CEPEP contractors.

“Minister Kazim Hosein has an obligation to clarify these issues as it surrounds the allocation of CEPEP contractors by the Government.”

The former Minister said despite issuing a wordy statement, the Minister said nothing regarding the specific contents of the recording. He said Minister Hosein should directly answer the following questions:

Does the Minister accept or deny that the voice in the recording is his?

Does the Member of Parliament N. Olivierre accept or deny that the voice in the recording allegedly requesting for the removal of CEPEP contractors is hers?

Are CEPEP contractors to be deleted or added in the manner on the recordings?

What were the emails/texts to be deleted?

Why were these emails/texts to be deleted?

Was the Rowley mentioned, the Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley?

Why did the Rowley mentioned, ask for emails/texts to be deleted?

What were the full terms of the instructions as it pertains to selection of CEPEP contractors allegedly given by Dr Rowley?

What were the full terms of the instructions as it pertains to selection of CEPEP contractors allegedly given by MP N Olivierre?


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