Tuesday 25 February, 2020

Deyalsingh: No radiation overdose in Sando patient

There is no evidence that a patient at a private medical institution in San Fernando was subjected to a radiation overdose.

This from Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh who said an investigation over a year ago confirmed that there was no evidence to substantiate the claim.

He made the statement during Monday’s sitting of the Senate.

The Minister noted that quality assurance checks are in place to prevent the occurrence of such incidents, but in the event that there is some concern, there is recourse for patients.

“Medical physicists are employed at both the public and private health institutions to ensure that radiology equipment conforms to international standards for radiation safety.

All concerns about excess radiation are investigated and if deemed necessary referred to the International Atomic Energy Agency, of which Trinidad and Tobago is a member, for any further investigation and further recommendation and action.”

The Health Minister again stated that after a thorough investigation, there was no supporting evidence pointing to any radiation overdose in the patient.

Our investigations, including the independent evaluation, showed that there was no evidence to substantiate the claims.

Pressed further by Opposition Senator Wade Mark on whether the claims made were false, Deyalsingh responded saying it was not his place as Minister to adjudicate on the veracity of claims.

“I will simply say that the independent experts – radiologists and physicists when we launched this investigation over a year ago in their opinion – they found no evidence to substantiate the claims.”

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