Monday 15 July, 2019

Diabetes Assoc: Trinidadian children more obese than US kids

Some 200,000 people in Trinidad and Tobago are suffering from Diabetes. Some people are unaware of their condition.

First Vice President of the Diabetes Foundation, Andrew Dhanoo, told News Power Now on Thursday that statistics show that primary school children are more obese than children of the same age group in the US.

"Of the 200,000 people, a quarter of them don't even know that they have diabetes. These are the statistics in total."

"What we know for children is at every age group, right up to Standard Five our children are heavier, more overweight than children in the United States."

"When we compare this to our statistics here, we can safely assume that our adult population is also much more overweight than theirs.

"Extrapolating from that data we can know that above 80 percent of our adult population is overweight or obese, which is a startling statistic," he said.

The Diabetes Association of Trinidad and Tobago will be hosting “Diabetes Care- A Family Affair” from September 29-30, 2017.

Dhanoo said a holistic approach to the situation is being taken this year, where the entire family will be targeted in ensuring that everyone is educated to ensure change.

"We know that we can't just intervene with a person living with diabetes and expect a change. Everyone in the household eats from one pot and has the same activity level, so we're working with the entire family."

He said the group plans to promote this theme for their other events throughout the year.

"In educating the entire family, we'll be able to elicit a greater change because when you have the family support, the family support is going to help the person living with diabetes live longer," he said.

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