Sunday 24 March, 2019

Did You Know?: Dj Puffy Edition

Ya lie!? Who would have thought…

If you’re up for learning some new interesting things about Barbados’ premier disc jockey; André “Dj Puffy” Parris then check out the 9 fascinating facts below.

  1. The turn table spinning lad is a huge fan of self-help books. - so if you’re a fan you know what to get him for Christmas.
  2. When it comes to Reggae music Capleton is his artist of choice. - but don’t expect him to grow dreads anytime soon.
  3. He is immensely fond of cats……..the pet - Get ya mind out de gutter!
  4. Jet setter? That’s Puffy. This guy loves to travel. - I mean who doesn’t love to get their passport tattooed!?
  5. Saw him at a party and wondered what was in his red cup? Could only be Mount Gay’s Extra Old Rum.
  6. Any babysitter vacancies? Puffy is the perfect candidate. - He adores babies.
  7. Before becoming a Dj, Puffy wanted to be a pro tennis player. - Darian King and Andy Murray? Keep an eye on those thrones ‘cause I heard that a certain Bajan Dj is low-key a tennis boss.
  8. Can you imagine having Puffy as a big brother? - well for his four younger siblings, this is their epic reality.
  9. Dear shoe store owners, here’s your next guaranteed customer ---> Dj Puffy.







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