Thursday 5 December, 2019

Diego Martin robbery suspects on ID parade today

At least two people, one of which is a soldier, are expected to be placed on identification parade today following a report of an armed robbery in Diego Martin yesterday.

This was the same incident in which comedian Nikki Crosby was one of several persons who were ordered to the floor and violated as masked men searched them for valuables.

The incident was said to have taken place at about 2:30pm at Artie’s Meats along Four Roads, Diego Martin.

According to police reports, masked men entered the store at the aforementioned time and announced a hold up. They then ordered everyone onto the floor and proceeded to relieve the customers and workers of their personal valuables, including items of jewelry, cellular phones, and cash.

They then made their way to the register and stole a quantity of cash.

The assailants then fled the scene on foot.

However, at the same time, a team of officers from the Western Division were on patrol along the roadway near the shop and were flagged down by the victims of the robbery.

The officers issued an all-points bulletin and pursued the suspects.

The men, who matched the description given, were seen fleeing in a river which ran alongside the roadway.

The officers, from the Four Roads Police Station with assistance from the Western Division Task Force, gave chase.

There was reportedly an exchange of gunfire between the lawmen and the suspects.

They were said to have been detained, and a firearm was recovered.

They have already been questioned and are expected to be placed on identification parades today.

Investigators told LoopTT that they have the intention of charging the suspects and bringing them before a Port of Spain Magistrate by tomorrow.

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