Sunday 24 May, 2020

Digicel starts restoration work in wake of Hurricane Irma

As Hurricane Irma continues its devastating track across the Caribbean and on to Florida, Digicel has mobilised its 200 plus fleet of engineers, technicians and riggers to undertake the required network restoration work in the shortest time possible.

As some of the first people to arrive into the affected countries to activate the recovery work, the Digicel response teams were on the ground within a couple of hours of the all-clears being given. Progress by these teams has been swift and work continues around the clock with everything possible being done.

With many of the islands experiencing widespread damage and devastation, of equal importance is the humanitarian response; Digicel is working closely with Governments of the region and the disaster response agencies to establish the pressing needs are so that it can activate accordingly.

Hurricane Irma continues its progress and is currently active over the Turks and Caicos Islands with Hurricane Jose following a similar path close behind Irma and forecast to make landfall on Friday evening.

Commenting on the Digicel response, Caribbean and Central America CEO, Vanessa Slowey, said; “The impact of Irma has been devastating in a number of islands and our hearts go out to the people of the Caribbean. The message here is that we are on the ground, we are working tirelessly and we are doing everything humanly possible to restore services.”

She continues; “Equally, we are committed to helping the islands to recover and rebuild in the aftermath of these hurricanes. As we continue to manage the impact of Irma and anticipate the passage of Hurricane Jose swiftly behind it, we would like to assure the people of these islands that we stand with them now – and into the future.”

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