Friday 27 November, 2020

The Digital Age with Keron McLeish: 3 tools your business needs

By Keron McLeish

What a time we are living in!

There has never been a time as great as the present to finally start thinking about starting a business or at least creating another revenue stream for yourself, I mean who couldn’t use the extra cash right?

The barrier for entry has never been this low, where you can literally wake up and make a decision to get started and do so with little to no money. Getting started however takes careful planning and it is always best to build a business out of one of your passions or a problem that you have and want to solve for others.

When you have your idea down, you need to do some research to see if what you are trying to build is an actual need that people would pay you for and because we are in the digital age, I wanted to introduce you to some of the most powerful tools to aid in your market research.

Even if you already have an established business and you are looking to get the edge you need to increase sales or brand awareness, these tools are going to help you as well. Here are the three tools every business owner and content creator should be using in their business:

  1. Google Trends
  2. Answer The Public
  3. Ubersuggest

Google Trends: Trends is a website developed by Google that analyses all of the search data by country. When you type in any keyword and select the country, you will be able to see if people are actually searching for the keyword and all related information, broken down by city, by time frame and you can use this information to guide business decisions or guide your content. For example, if I type in the Keyword “Samsung”, I will be able to see all of the search queries people have searched for in relation to Samsung. I may see things like, “Where can I buy the Samsung S10?”. That will allow me to gauge how popular something is or I know if I craft content on it because Google knows people are searching for info on the Samsung S10, I will get the added boost with my SEO. I will also see what city in the country the volume of searches is coming from and I can get more specific with my Facebook ads.

Answer The Public: Answer the Public is a tool for consumers that scrapes information from Google and Bing search queries and organises the data in a visual representation that gives you the who, what, where and why as it relates to the keyword you just searched. So when you are creating content, you can literally type in a word and get hundreds of questions people are asking the search engines and then you can craft relevant content based on the data you have been provided. Again, you get a major boost in SEO because you are providing content that the Search Engines know is being asked and because Google uses Geo Location for searches, if you are the only one creating content in your country on a given topic, it helps to cut through the noise, as there is a higher chance for your content to appear on the first page.

Ubersuggest: This tool right here is one of the greatest gifts to business owners and content creators. Not only can you get some amazing insights on keywords but you can also type in your competitor's website and see some AMAZING details. You can see what keywords are being used for the public to find them, you can see information on the traffic their website is getting, you can see the top articles or posts on their website that get the most traffic, and you can also see the top places that are sending valuable traffic to your competitor’s website. You can start to hijack your competitor's traffic by creating content that they are ranking for and also try to get referral traffic, from websites they are being featured on. The possibilities are endless and this is a must use tool in your battle to win the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) game.

Have you been using any of these tools in your business or use these tools to guide what type of content to build? When you are busy doing market research the old fashion way (ex. Surveys, polls) most times, people do not know, what they don’t know.

Now you can make decisions in your business backed by real-world data. I hope these tools help you take your business and your content to the next level.



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