Friday 27 November, 2020

The Digital Age with Keron McLeish: Reviewing the Samsung S10+

Photo courtesy Edward Charles

Photo courtesy Edward Charles

Samsung Caribbean sent me over the new Samsung Galaxy S10+ to check out, so big shout outs to them.

I have to say my time with the device was actually pretty good. It’s very important to know what type of smartphone user you are so that any device you pick up; you should have a fairly good idea of what type of experience you should expect. Since I identify as a media consumer and an audiophile, the S10+ gives me a device with currently the best display and pretty good audio experience.

For the rest of you looking to see if this is a device to pick up, here is my review of the S10+ and if you have any questions, feel free to hit me up through my website,

Design – We got a fresh new design in 2019, and we ditched the notch look of 2018 and Samsung has embraced the punch hole cut out for the selfie cameras. Having the punch hole cameras has allowed Samsung to push the screen even further to the edge and has given us a higher screen to body ratio. We now have a 93 percent screen to body ratio, that is up from 84 percent on the S9+. From the back, it resembles the Note 9 but has removed the physical fingerprint sensor. We now have a triple camera setup, we have a headphone jack, and Ip68 water and dust resistance.

The Spec Beast – Samsung loves to throw everything and the kitchen sink into their devices. The s10+ comes packed with all the bells and whistles. So we got the 6.4” Quad HD+ display with HDR 10+, an IP68 rating, The Exynos 9820 CPU or the Snapdragon 855 depending on your region, we have Android Pie with the new One UI skin, 128gb or 512gb of onboard storage with expandable memory up to 512gb, 8gb of ram, a triple camera setup that includes a 12mp primary sensor, a 12mp telephoto and a 16mp ultra wide sensor, a dual 10mp & 8mp sensor for your selfie shots. They threw in stereo speakers tuned by Dolby Atmos and a 4100mah battery with fast charging and fast wireless charging.

The New Ultrasonic fingerprint reader - The fingerprint sensor is now an in screen ultrasonic reader, that is different from the other setups that use an optical light setup. The ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is harder to spoof and takes a 3d scan of your fingerprint. Even though it is more secure than the competition, it worked about 7/10 times for me. You need to place your fingerprint exactly on where the reader is on the screen, which can be hard to tell if it is off and your fingers cannot have any moisture on it, otherwise it will just tell you that there is no match. Needless to say, I resulted to typing in the passcode a lot during my time with the device.

The Display – We all know there is one category that Samsung remains unmatched in and that is their display technology. The S10+ is the first device with the new HDR+ display and it is absolutely glorious. The S10+ packs a 6.4” Quad HD+ AMOLED display. What’s new about HDR+ is that it uses something called dynamic metadata that allows you to set the brightness and the colors on a frame by frame basis, that will allow for better colour grading and a better overall experience. However, you can only take advantage of this with HDR10+ enabled content, which is currently very limited on the market.

The five Camera Setup – We got five cameras on deck with the S10+. The camera uses the same sensors as last year’s flagships, the dual pixel autofocus and the variable aperture. This year however we get the new ultra wide sensor on the back and a full suite of new camera features. The three sensors give you the best utility, as you can always get the best shot you need for all situations. The second sensor on the front camera is a depth sensor and allows for better portrait shots.

The bigger battery – If you are someone who is a power user or on the road for long periods of time than it is always good to have that bigger 4100mah battery. There are a variety of power saving options that will allow you to tweak your usage. After my two weeks of testing, on average, I got between four to five hours of screen on time with very heavy use. I use two sims on my device, heavy social media, hours of podcast streaming, YouTube videos, a little bit of gaming and I always got music playing. I was expecting much more from the bigger cell, but everyone's usage will be different and you can change the screen resolution and try out the power saving options for extending your use.

I had the Exynos 9820 version, which suffers in this department compared to the version with the Snapdragon 855. Most users with the SD855 version, get 20 percent more battery life which is a HUGE drop. It also took me about an hour and 30 min for a full recharge. You get the reverse wireless charging, that will allow you to charge other devices that have chi enable wireless charging. Great for charging those new Samsung earbuds or charging your friends phone.

The Samsung S10 plus is definitely a great device. For me if you are a gamer, a power user, watch a lot of content on your phone, then this device will definitely satisfy your needs. The S10 plus starts at US$1000 and goes up depending on your storage option.

So let me know if you will be one of those making the Samsung s10+ your next device in the comments below, I’ll catch you guys in the next one.



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