Saturday 14 December, 2019

Dillon Clarke back in prison

Prisoner Dillon Clarke, who escaped from the Golden Grove Prison in Arouca last Thursday, is back in prison.

After less than three days on the run, 35-year-old Clarke of Maturita, Arima, was held around 9:25 am on Saturday along Hollis Avenue, Arima amidst Borough Day celebrations.

He was said to be on the street dancing when he was spotted and detained.

Clarke appeared before an Arima Magistrate on Monday charged with escaping lawful custody.

The matter was adjourned and Clarke was sent back to the Golden Grove, where he is already serving time for a two-year sentence for malicious damage.

Clarke escaped custody around 7:50 am, when he made a successful dash for freedom, while working in the prison’s garden.

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