Sunday 8 December, 2019

Dillon: Law enforcement ready to address any Carnival security threats

The Ministry of National Security says it is satisfied that this country’s law enforcement and security agencies are well prepared to secure the public’s safety during Carnival 2018.

This comes after the Police Service at a special media briefing on Thursday revealed that it unearthed ‘credible’ information of a threat to disrupt Carnival activities.

The TTPS said several persons of interest were detained and were being questioned.

The US Embassy in T&T issued a security alert saying that a terror plot had been thwarted.

US government personnel were advised to exercise additional caution and increase situational awareness if they participate in Carnival events, out of an abundance of caution.

The United Kingdom's Foreign Office also issued an advisory.

CNN reported on Friday that US troops helped avert a Carnival terror attack in T&T.

The Minister of National Security in a statement on Friday commended the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service for the “timely unearthing and aversion of a potential threat.”

Minister Edmund Dillon stated that this successful law enforcement operation was the result of continued implementation of an integrated, intelligence-led strategy.

The Minister of National Security also gave the assurance that Trinidad and Tobago’s law enforcement agencies are constantly working to identify suspicious activities and authenticate the origin of and curtail any possible threats in a timely and accurate manner. 

Minister Dillon said that all national security agencies continue to collaborate and synchronize efforts to ensure public safety and the security of citizens, residents and visitors alike, especially during this busy Carnival season.

The National Security Ministry said security arrangements have already been in train prior to the official launch of Carnival festivities.

These arrangements it said include law enforcement personnel being deployed and working at all major events and all law enforcement agencies working in coordination on a 24-hour basis to monitor and re-evaluate real-time movement of persons and traffic.

The National Security Ministry added that it would continue to work closely with the law enforcement agencies, to address any potential threats.

Minister Dillon further urged members of the public to continue to remain vigilant and report any suspicious or illegal activities to the police.



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