Friday 19 October, 2018

Ding Dong to 'Tek Charge' of Tzar Night Club on Saturday

(Image: Dancehall Hip Hop)

(Image: Dancehall Hip Hop)

Dancehall Star, Ding Dong is set to ignite Tzar Night Club in Port Of Spain on Saturday, November 11, with popular dances and chart-topping hits for the launch of the Magnum Tonic Wine’s Buy Six and Win Campaign for the Caribbean region.

Entertainment throughout the night will also be provided by Carter, Bubbles, DJ Trevlyn and Hollywood Sachy, in addition to local Magnum Tonic Wine Ambassadors Delegates Sound System, Squid, and Infamous K.

Admission fee for the event is $150 after 11 pm, with Magnum Tonic Wine inclusive for the event’s entirety. Before 11 pm, admission is $50, and persons will receive a Magnum on entry.

The new dancing king Ding Dong has promised that "the atmosphere is going to be crazy energetic!" He continued that: "Magnum is the kind of brand that will bring out excitement wherever it does. I will ensure that I bring out the fun from inside of the people with mad vibes!"

The Holiday artiste further noted that he favours the product and values of brand. "Magnum represent the street," Ding Dong said. "It represents me. We create dances from the vibes of the street. Dances like Yeng Yeng and Shoulder Fling capture the spirit of Magnum. I naturally drink it every night whether at a party or a street dance.”

Nichola Thompson, Brand Manager for Magnum Tonic Wine, wants patrons to attend the event early as gates open at 10 pm. “We want everyone to party with Ding Dong and the Ravers Clavers crew on Saturday. If they come out before 11 pm the entry fee is discounted to $50 and along with a free Magnum,” she explained. "Ding Dong represents the very best of our creative energy as musicians, and his vibe is vibrant and contagious. His fans will be blown away on Saturday!" Thompson stated.

The event is the first of the regional stops for Ding Dong who will appear in Belize on November 18 for that company’s campaign launch. The campaign also features Soca Songstress Patrice Roberts and will cover eight Caribbean territories including; Guyana, St Lucia, Suriname, Barbados, Cayman Islands, and Antigua & Barbuda.

Magnum Tonic Wine has been impacting popular culture in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean since 1999. The product is a fortified tonic wine with 16.5% alcohol and Vigorton 2, a source of iron, minerals and vitamin B6. Recently, Magnum Tonic Wine’s label packaging was given a makeover, followed by its Tek Charge campaign. Ding Dong is riding high on the dancehall circuit and has become a chart staple with his most recent hit Shoulder Fling. With the help of his Ravers Clavers dance squad, Ding Dong, the heir apparent to the legendary Bogle, has brought to prominence dances such as Syvah, Low Mi Nuh and Shampoo which are wildly popular over the past couple of years.

As his latest song Lehbeh Lehbeh garners support virally and in the dancehall arena, Ding Dong is looking forward to his performance in Trinidad, where he has many fans he can’t wait to entertain and interact with, in addition to the campaign in totality.

"I have to take my hat off to Magnum for bringing in Patrice, a soca artiste from Trinidad, in addition to myself, a dancehall act. We are one Caribbean, one people, and together, we are a force to be reckoned with. So big up to Magnum for bringing the two cultures together in a one love vibe,” he said.

The Magnum Tonic Wine Buy 6 & Win Promotion, which launches on Saturday, lets consumers in select regional markets can buy six Magnums for a chance to win prizes at supermarkets, shops, wholesalers, and bars immediately while stocks last.