Saturday 11 July, 2020

Disaster drill held in Point Fortin

The Disaster Management Unit held a disaster management drill in Point Fortin on Wednesday in order to ensure that first responders are able to respond to a disastrous event.

In a statement, the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government said Senior Disaster Coordinator Rishi Siew coordinated with the Point Fortin Borough Corporation to host the event at the Corner of G’ Street and Fanny Village Main Road, Point Fortin.

Residents were informed of the drill procedures via public announcements on the previous day as well as two hours prior to the exercise, which commenced at 6:50 pm.

The Ministry said some commuters in the Point Fortin Borough may have been alarmed to see what appeared to be a capsized fuel tanker, blocking the roadway. They were quickly informed by participating Borough Corporation personnel that it was a drill.

This was done to test the response mechanism in the Borough especially with regard to command and control; and medical, emergency, fire and police response.

"This exercise involved role play by the Disaster Management Unit and collaboration with all first response agencies, with the aim of better serving the public. We planned and executed a simulation that took into context, the unique characteristics of the Borough, it being an industrial centre," said Sieuw.

Rural Development and Local Government Minister Kazim Hosein congratulated all participating teams on a job well done.

“The teams were very efficient as the whole exercise was concluded in one hour, with minimal disruption to residents. It gave everyone an opportunity to perform and practice their role, and this is part of the Ministry’s ongoing efforts to test response mechanisms so we can step in and assist the burgesses of the country in times of need as effectively as possible."

"We would like to thank Lease Operator Limited for the voluntary use of their tanker in this simulation, and truly appreciate the support of corporate Trinidad as we continue working on improving our first response," the Ministry said. 


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