Sunday 21 July, 2019

Disaster Management Units get national hotline number

Minister of Rural Development and Local Government, Kazim Hosein, said government has set up a national hotline number so that citizens can more easily access the Disaster Management Units of the fourteen Municipal Corporations.

In a statement, Hosein said that after the effects of tropical storm Bret and prevalent flooding which has been occurring during this year's rainy season, the hotline number should allow citizens to reach their respective corporations more quickly.

“People must know where the shelters are, which numbers to call when they need help, and how to get items such as sand bags, mattresses and clean-up kits."

"We now have a Disaster Management Coordinator (Ag.) at the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government, Mr. Rishi Siew, who will be directing the efforts of all disaster management units to ensure that we mount an appropriate response to all crises," he said,

The hotline number will be issued to the public next week, and will be managed by the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government to launch the most efficient response in emergency situations.

“Local government practitioners are the first responders to any situation, and we are here to serve the burgesses who have elected us to represent them. Making the Disaster Management Units more accessible is just one way of doing that, and yet another step towards bringing local government services closer to the people of our nation.”

The Ministry will also continue to maintain close working relationships with all key stakeholders such as the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM), the Ministries of Works and Transport, National Security, Public Utilities, Community Development, Culture and the Arts, and Social Development and Family Services.


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