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Thursday 6 August, 2020

Doc on increase in erectile dysfunction: Do not ignore warning signs

Dr Heather Armstrong wants men more aware on the subject of erectile dysfunction.

Dr Heather Armstrong wants men more aware on the subject of erectile dysfunction.

Men are being asked not to ignore erectile dysfunction.

Though it may be a touchy or taboo subject, Barbados Medical Officer of Health, Dr Heather Armstrong wants men to speak up and get help to prevent late diagnoses of non-communicable diseases or to avoid irreparable damage.

Speaking to Loop News at the launch of the Eunice Gibson Polyclinic Health and Wellness Week on Monday, she said that prior to this week, the polyclinic started the whole Health and Wellness Month with outreach and hosted a lecture titled 'Love, Sex and Sugar'.

Having presented on the topic of Erectile Dysfunction, Dr Armstrong told Loop that men need to get checked early. 

"Men who have erectile dysfunction, that is the first sign that there is an issue with their circulation and it may say to you, 'Look, you have to stop and take account of what is happening to you because you might end up with a stroke or a heart attack'.

"So take note of these things when they happen. It's not just about your sexual ability, but rather it's a warning to you that things are not well. You need to take note of that."

Erectile dysfunction prevalence

Asked if this is a growing problem among men, she said: 

"I would say it is increasing 'cause recognise there are many causes of erectile dysfunction.

"Diabetes might be one cause, or it may be a psychological issue or it may be because of medication that you're taking affecting [you], but generally when you see that happening it is a problem with your circulation and then you have to go to the root cause, and once you've identified the root cause there are many things you can do  to help turn things around."

To men living with this problem, she said that this is not the end. This condition can be improved or reversed in some cases.

She said men need to see the condition as "a sign that I need to take care of my health and it can make a big difference when you actually start to make those changes."

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