Starving dogs rescued from Debe ‘hell-hole’

A local animal welfare group is asking for donations after rescuing two starving, abused dogs in Debe.

In a social media post, the Mustapha Project shared photos last week showing the emaciated dogs. 

“Do you see the condition of these dogs? This is the reason shelters and rescuers do homechecks and follow ups. These 2 dogs are being abused and starved by their owners.”

“They are emaciated and tied with short ropes to posts and just left there with no love, attention, food or medical care.”

“Cases like these are MANY and it’s hard for the small group of people who do rescues to deal with the numerous cases that we come cross daily.”

The group later posted an update on Sunday to say the dogs had been removed to safety and are receiving medical treatment, however the group is in need of funds to help take care of these and other abused animals in their care.

The dogs, renamed Sadie and Mya, are being treated as one of the dogs also received what appeared to be burns about her body.

“Sadie and Mya are now safe at Acote Vet Clinic. Sadie has what appears to be burns over her emaciated body which may have been cause by hot substances being thrown repeatedly on her over a period of time.”

“Mya is literally skin and bones.”

“They both have a long way to go as this level of abuse will take time not only for their bodies to heal physically but also for them to heal mentally.”

“Years of abuse and ill treatment have made them hesitant and unsure of humans, so they are in need of some serious TLC in order of trust to be gained and defensive behavior to subside.”

“I can't begin to imagine the hell these dogs have gone through, it was reported that Mya was tied since she was 2 WEEKS old! Can you believe that!?”

“How can we as 'humans' do innocent creatures such heinous acts? How can we as 'humans' ignore the pleas of these animals?? The ball is in our court we can either decide to do something or sit by and watch it happen and think oh well someone else will help.”

“It’s time we stand up for these animals ourselves and don't just wait for some superhero to come along. We have a choice they don't.”

“Sadie and Mya will need a least a month of intensive care and treatment to be healthy enough for spays and vaccines. If you can donate to them, no matter how small, it would be greatly appreciated.”

Donations can be left at the Acote Vet Clinic, O’Meara Road, Arima (642-0670), or deposited to the group’s bank account at Republic Bank Limited, account number 110000000496745.

The group says the dogs, once healed, will also need foster homes and food supplies.

Persons needing more information can call 735-6528, or visit the group's Facebook page: 


(Photos: The Mustapha Project)