Friday 30 October, 2020

WATCH: Dominican PM angry over 'malicious' comments

(Photo: Dominican Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit)

(Photo: Dominican Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit)

Dominican Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerritt said he was 'pissed off' at what he said were malicious comments indicating that supplies were not being distributed fairly after the island struggles to recover from Hurricane Maria. 

In an impassioned response on Friday during a media briefing, Skerrit said that people who have complaints must flag the matter with the authorities in order to have the issues clarified instead of spreading rumours. 

"This talk about food supplies and partisanship with food supplies...this is total nonsense. As Prime Minister of this country I sleep on the floor, I bathed from a bucket of water, I don't eat corned beef, I don't eat sardines, so where am I going to put sardines in my home, to stack up sardines?"

"People who are seeking to undermine efforts....we need to stop it. If people have complaints, we will address those issues, we will put systems in place to address those issues. But we can't be going out there on social media and making these baseless, unfounded, malicious allegations."

"Don't think that's going to hurt me, this thing must stop because it's really pissing me off...this damn country has been destroyed, it's being devastated...and people are out there talking a bunch of nonsense. This nonsense must stop," he said.

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Skerrit said he will ensure he fulfils his mandate that supplies are evenly distributed to all citizens in the country. 

The country continues to coordinate reconstruction efforts as Caribbean and international organisations continue to send aid and other relief supplies to the ravaged island. 

According to reports, up to 27 people were killed as a result of the hurricane. 


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