Friday 27 November, 2020

Dominica's opposition leader refuses to accept election results

United Workers Party Opposition leader Lennox Linton has charged that the December 6 election was stolen from the people of Dominica and he has no intention of recognizing the results.  In fact, he is calling for fresh elections as he described the election results as illegitimate, along with the Government.  

In an address to the nation on Saturday night, Linton claimed that of the 23,300 people who voted for the Dominica Labor Party, 13,000 were brought in from overseas to vote in the elections.  

He alleged persons were bribed with ferry and airline tickets, which all came from the sale of the passports of the people of Dominica. 

Linton said: “The election was decided by those Dominicans living overseas who were bribed to come home to vote for the DLP.” 

“On the same day of the votes, they leave via their charters and go back to their overseas locations. There can be nothing fair about this, the election was not free.”  

The Dominican Opposition leader is not prepared to accept the results, as he claims the election was rigged and should not be recognized.  

Linton also expressed disappointment with the preliminary assessments given by the observer missions, which indicated the elections reflected the will of the people who voted.  


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