Thursday 29 October, 2020

Dr Trotman: Don’t be afraid of Caura Hospital

The Caura Hospital (via Ministry of Health)

The Caura Hospital (via Ministry of Health)

Head of Thoracic care at the Caura Hospital, Dr Michelle Trotman is seeking to dispel some of the concerns that the public may have about the Caura Hospital.  

Speaking at the Ministry of Health’s media conference today, Dr Trotman assured that the hospital is designed to ensure that patients have a comfortable space to recover from illnesses like COVID-19 and tuberculosis. 

“That area was chosen because of the location and what Caura looks like and what it symbolises; a relaxing type of atmosphere,” she said. 

Dr Trotman explained that when COVID-19 reached to Trinidad and Tobago’s shores, wards were set up for the purpose of treating those patients with the goal of making sure they too could have a smooth experience. 

“With the advent of the COVID experience, what we did is we built in infrastructure and we built in that physical infrastructure to house COVID patients. So, we actually added four additional wards; each ward houses 24 beds,” she said. 

Since our first case of COVID-19 on March 12, Caura Hospital has treated 636 patients. The average length of a patient’s stay ranges from three to five days. Dr Trotman reported that three per cent of the 636 were non-nationals and four per cent were children. 

The doctor said that the stigma that Caura is a place to fear, is misplaced. She believes that the Caura Hospital is one of the most relaxing places to recover. 

“You’re coming somewhere that is nestled in the hills, it’s almost like a holiday experience and you’re not going to stay very long,” she promised. 

In addition to looking after the physical wellbeing, Dr Trotman explained that mental health is also of paramount importance to Caura’s staff. 

“What we have done is to build in a very strong psychological support, not only for patients at Caura but really for the COVID programme. That involves a hotline where, not only patients, but staff can access psychological services 24-hours a day,” she said. 

At this time, Caura Hospital houses mild and moderate cases of COVID-19. Tuberculosis treatment, palliative care and drug rehabilitation is also conducted at the Caura Hospital. 

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