Sunday 20 September, 2020

Drunk driver tries to escape police, nearly causes collision

A 28-year-old man is expected to face a series of charges after he attempted to evade a road block, and almost drove into motorists in his bid to escape.

The suspect, police said, is from Lewis Street, San Juan.

He was held around 7.50 pm on Friday during a police operation in Arima along the Priority Bus Route.

The suspect was driving a black Honda Civic when he broke the red light while driving along the Priority Bus Route, in the vicinity of Olton Road.

The man, on seeing the roadblock, made a U-turn and sped off, heading west.

Sgt Ali and a team of his officers gave chase.

The man drove onto Omera Road, breaching the traffic light once again.

However, he was eventually intercepted.

He was administered a breathaylser test, the first reading being 83 microgrammes per 100 milliliter of breath(µg/100mL).

The legal limit in this country is 35µg/100mL.

His final reading was 75 µg/100mL.

As a result he is expected to face charges of driving under the influence, dangerous driving, using the Priority Bus Route without authorisation, and even resisting arrest.

The suspect was held during a police operation between 6 pm and 11 pm that night.

It was spearheaded by Supt Edwards and supervised by Sgt Ali and included PCs Reid, Philips, Brown Pompey, Bernard, Joseph, Reider, Prince, Jack and officers from the Traffic section.

A total of 57 fixed penalty notices were issued for drivers, the majority of which (over 50) were for drivers who were driving illegally on the Bus Route.

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