Sunday 21 October, 2018

Duke urged “to do the right thing” as PSA workers ramp up protests

Disgruntled Public Services Association (PSA) workers turned up the heat on PSA president Watson Duke on Thursday, over his alleged failure to register their pension plans.

The workers led by Banking Insurance and General Workers Union (BIGWU) president, Vincent Cabrera marched to the Central Bank and Attorney General’s Office in Port of Spain where they delivered two letters outlining their concerns.

The move followed a similar one last week Friday which saw workers staging a protest outside the PSA’s headquarters in Port of Spain, over several issues including the uncertainty of being paid their pension upon retirement.

Speaking with reporters yesterday, Cabrera called on the PSA president to “do the right thing” and register the pension plans of the workers.

“These letters are complaining of the issues the PSA workers have and that is there pension plan is not registered with the Central Bank.”

The BIGWU president also accused Duke of breaking the law.

“The law is being broken, and the law is very weak in Trinidad and Tobago, if it was another country he would have been in jail,” Cabrera added.

The BIGWU head said he was hopeful that the matter would be investigated by the relevant authorities, now that it has been brought to their attention.

Cabrera also noted that the protest action was not a personal attack.

“I have no malice in my heart against him, he may have made an error in the past, all we are asking him now, is to do the correct thing.”

Meanwhile, the PSA President has responded to yesterday’s protest action, urging the BIGWU president to “stay out of the PSA elections.”

“I want to ask comrade Cabrera to please desist from getting involved in the PSA elections. We know he is desirous of a particular outcome and I am personally aware of that. But please take your 20 pieces of silver and leave.”

Duke added that the issue of registering the pension plans is being addressed.

‘The pension plan is being taken care of, it is being registered, you know it is not one day or two days to do that, so what you intend to do keep protesting every day?”