Thursday 29 October, 2020

Dyer-Griffith seeks legal counsel after COP election postponement

Congress of the People (COP) candidate, Nicole Dyer-Griffith, said she will be meeting with her legal representatives and campaign team following the party's announcement that its upcoming election on July 9 will be postponed. 

The decision was announced after a pre-action protocol letter was sent to her concerning her candidacy.

Dyer-Griffith recently resigned from her position as head of political party, Alliance of Independents. 

In a statement posted to social media, Dyer-Griffith said that she is ready to move forward once the matter is resolved.

"I noted the postponement of the Leadership Elections for the Congress of the People via media release, and will be meeting with members of my campaign team and legal representatives to discuss matters further."

"These elections started to provide good traction and a resurgence of interest in the COP, and I trust that decisions taken moving forward will be carefully deliberated to manage the various outcomes."

"My sole interest is the best possible outcome for the future of the organisation, and my team and I will continue to operate in that manner - in support of the best possible outcome."

"This being stated, we stand ready, willing and able to maintain our momentum and resolve to see this though, more robust that ever. Joshua Graham once said, "I have survived because the fire inside me burned brighter then the fire around me."

"We will keep moving, pushing, changing, shaping, shouting and proclaiming that the COP's music will play again, and when it begins, we will be ready," she said.

Meanwhile, fellow candidate Carol Seepersad-Bachan expressed disappointment at the delay and hopes for a speedy resolution to the issue.

It is with great disappointment that we learned via the media of the postponement of the upcoming election for Political Leader of the Congress of the People."

"The party is yet to provide details as to the reasons which led to this decision. In the absence of such details, we are of the firm conviction that the constitutionally due elections should be allowed to proceed as scheduled for Sunday 9th July."

Our campaign manager, Ms. Aleena Ali, is currently in the process of engaging the party with a view to convening a meeting with all candidates and affected parties, as we seek to arrive at a meaningful solution to the problem," she said.

Attorney Alvin Ramroop submitted the letter on behalf of former COP executive member Kirt Francis, which claimed that Dyer-Griffith's membership with the party and her candidacy is in conflict with the party's constitutional rules. 


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