Sunday 29 November, 2020

Earthquake terror: Cars destroyed, buildings damaged by 6.9 earthquake

Serious damage to buildings and property is already being reported, as members of the public attempt to contact their loved ones and settle their nerves following an earth-shattering 6.9 magnitude earthquake.


Social media has been flooded with images of destruction to roadways, popular buildings, supermarkets and cars.

Director of the University of the West Indies (UWI) UWI Seismic Research Centre, Dr Joan Latchman and Professor Richard Robertson held a live Facebook session advising citizens on safety measures as aftershocks are likely to occur within the following days.

Dr Latchman said as of 6:00 pm Tuesday, there were at least seven aftershocks, some of which could be as strong as 5.9.

"We have been seeing this build-up of earthquake activity in the Gulf of Paria Peninsula area. This one occurred a little further West of where we saw the first earthquakes on the 26th of January but it is consistent with what we have been observing and projecting should occur in the Gulf Paria Peninsula is a significant magnitude earthquake."

Dr Latchman said the earthquakes can get stronger. 

"Still this is not the strongest that we can have in this area. We can consider this as another one of those events that keeps us aware that our region, our area here is seismically active and that strong earthquakes will occur, can occur and will occur, and even stronger than what we had this evening will occur at some stage."

Citizens are advised to find a sturdy structure such as a doorway or safe place away from structures which are likely to fall on them. 

"If you can get out of the building safely, do that. If you cannot, Don't try to move, stay under a desk or table, try to protect your head, your eyes and body."

Professor Robertson said this opportunity should be used for citizens to check the strength and structural safety of their buildings and ensure their homes are sturdy. 

Persons are also announcing that they are safe to their concerned loved ones who live both locally and abroad. 

Electricity is said to be out in parts of Port-of-Spain.

This is said to be the strongest earthquake within the last 50 years, as the last 7.0 earthquake recorded by the UWI Seismic Centre was in 1968.

Take a look at some of the damage below. 

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