Friday 30 October, 2020

East Port-of-Spain gets three Community Impact Centres

Three East Port of Spain communities can now benefit from access to Community Impact Centres, refurbished and outfitted to cater to the specific and unique needs of these communities.

The centres were refurbished by the East Port of Spain Development Company Limited (EPOS) and officially re-commissioned and handed over to the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts for implementation of community education programmes and delivery of essential services to meet the needs of these communities.

These centres, based at Trou Macaque in Laventille, and Never Dirty and Chinapoo Village in Morvant, are designed and equipped to facilitate multiple uses and will be operationalised and staffed by persons with the skills and expertise to treat with the needs of the respective communities as they arise.

The approach is expected to reduce the state of conflict and trauma currently experienced by residents, help them in accessing essential and other services within their communities, develop valuable life skills and serve to nurture and inculcate new attitudes and behaviours.

The centres are also equipped to provide an environment for learning and capacity building. Each centre has a computer room with hardware, software and free Wi-Fi made available by Green Dot to facilitate computer literacy and after school programmes. 

Some centres are also equipped with storage cabinets and basic kitchen appliances for cooking and sporting equipment to support physical activities and healthy lifestyles where possible.

At the re-commissioning ceremony for the centres last Tuesday, Managing Director of EPOS, Dr. Deborah Thomas-Austin said the refurbishing of the community centres was a collaborative approach.

She added that EPOS is seeking to partner with the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts in the delivery of critical services and programmes to communities that are currently starved of resources and opportunities and where residents are crying out for productive and meaningful opportunities to engage youth, develop and enhance skills and provide outlets and opportunities for expressing their creativity.

Minister of Community Development, Culture and the Arts Nyan Gadsby-Dolly, gave the assurance that her Ministry will ensure that community education and cultural programmes will be implemented at these newly refurbished centres.

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