Tuesday 12 November, 2019

Ebony 104.1 on-air crew sent home as format change expected soon

Urban radio station Ebony 104.1FM as listeners know it is no more.

Management broke the news to the on-air crew on Friday afternoon.

The announcers received letters informing them of the decision and were told that the Ebony format is no longer viable in the current market.

Ebony 104.1 is part of Caribbean Lifestyle Communications Limited.

It comprises of Music Radio 97.1, Ebony 104.1, Heartbeat 103.5 and Radio 90.5.

In 2016 IETV, which was also once part of CL Communications retrenched approximately 10 workers with management saying the decision was due to the tough economic times.

Manager of CL Communications Kiran Maharaj said the decision to do away with the Ebony format was a difficult one but said they were simply left with no choice.

“We have decided to discontinue the Ebony format as of 1st March 2018, as our findings indicated that this format was no longer viable in the current market. While this decision was difficult, we must keep up with market changes (as do many other companies in our local and global economic climate). We thank our listeners, clients and our exceptional on-air crew for their support. Stay tuned for what’s coming to 104.1FM.”

However, sources say there will be a format change at 104.1.

The company is expected to launch the new format in the coming days.

As news got out, many announcers past and present took to Facebook to express their feelings of shock, disappointment and sadness.

A former announcer at Ebony 104.1 Jus Jase said his heart sank when he heard the news.

“My heart sank when I got the news about the closure of Ebony 104... A place I considered as one of the brighter moments personally in my radio career. I really feel it for the team especially with the given climate of the economy.”

The decision is one that is also not sitting well with some listeners.

Many of them expressed disappointment on learning of the news.

One listener, Arlene Popplewell-Stephen said the move was a backward one.

“What kind of a**backward move is this? Ebony 104 is no more?!!! To the absolute best radio voices in the country, this is an unimaginable loss to us the listeners.

Whoever made that decision has their head firmly tucked into another part of their anatomy!”

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