Sunday 21 July, 2019

ECCE private providers urged to participate in Data Collection Drive

The Ministry of Education is inviting all Private Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) providers to participate in its Data Collection Drive which will facilitate the effective and efficient planning and support of the sector across the Nation.

There will be three modes of access to the data collection instrument; providers can visit any of the seven Education District Offices across the country to collect questionnaires from Ministry officials when they visit the centres or via email. This will be done during the period January 7 to February 22, 2019. The gathered information will be used to inform the Quality Assurance Framework for the EECE Sector.

The data collected during this exercise will facilitate a more comprehensive understanding of the ECCE sector across both the private and public sector; inform policy and planning; ensure access and equity; and foster greater cohesion between the Ministry and private providers.

There are approximately 500 private ECCE centres that are not registered with the Ministry of Education. This means that these centres do not benefit from resources and support available from the Ministry. The data collection exercise will provide critical information regarding students transitioning into the primary school system, including gender and special educational needs. This will also assist the Ministry in allocating additional resources at the primary school level.

Following this exercise, the Ministry will conduct training in Special Education and the promotion of healthy lifestyles which employees from these centres can access.

For additional information or queries ECCE providers can contact the Ministry of Education via email at or telephone 622 2181 ext 2223 or 2224.

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