Tuesday 29 September, 2020

Ecliff Elie heads to the Southland with new store at C3 Mall

Ecliff Elie is coming to the Southland.

On October 31, the bespoke menswear designer will open his new store at C3 Mall.

Elie already has stores in the Normandie and on Rosalino Street in Woodbrook.  The new outlet, will not only allow Southerners the chance to get their own custom-made suits but it will also feature Elie’s new ready-made suits for those who prefer to buy off the rack.

The store will also carry his new range of merchandise including shoes, belts, wallets and leather bags.

“Ecliff Elie is a brand. We were always interested in building a brand,” the designer told Loop recently.

Elie, who relies on social media and word of mouth to market his products and services, is also spreading his brand throughout the Caribbean.

He has been embarking on a series of Caribbean tours, recently touching Grenada, Barbados, St Lucia and St Maarten.

“We have customers from all over the world and through social media, a lot of people internationally and regionally reach me to get stuff. So what I started doing was a fashion tour where I go to a different island and do fittings and custom services for high-end clients,” Elie said.

“The service I offer is bespoke tailoring. People could get clothes to purchase anywhere, what makes the difference is the fit and the attention to detail we pay and general care and concern of their appearance. Each and every customer is an ambassador for the brand. We go full hundred because we want people to ask them where they got their suit,” he added.

Stating that the type of people that wear the brand is an endorsement, Elie said cricketer Darren Sammy recently flew in from St Lucia just to fit for a suit at his store.

“So when people like him who travel all around the world have options from India, Pakistan and all over, fly to Trinidad to make a suit, most of the work for me is already done,” Elie said.

Elie has also grown his brand in the soca industry across the region. For Carnival 2019, he outfitted Swappi, Teddyson John, V’ghn and Ricardo Drue at the International Soca Monarch finals. Post-Trinidad, he also outfitted artistes for the St Maarten Soca Monarch competition and continues to receive calls from performers around the region.

Elie started designing at the age of 14 and is largely self-taught.

A walking ad for his brand, Eli designs for the man who takes pride in the way he dresses, is stylish and confident or looking to boost his confidence with a well-tailored garment.

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