Sunday 25 October, 2020

Ecliff shows Italian inspiration with Prima Volta collection

Ecliff Elie's new luxury menswear line was inspired by a trip to Italy

Ecliff Elie's new luxury menswear line was inspired by a trip to Italy

When it comes to men's brands, Ecliff Elie easily stands out among Trinbagonian designers.

Designing since the age of 14, he has worked his way up, without any formal training, to become an easily recognisable brand and the go-to designer for suits and casual wear.

Always evolving, Elie has demonstrated that he is willing to learn and grow as a designer and elevate his brand.

That will become evident on Tuesday night when he unveils his newest luxury menswear line, Prima Volta. 

The line was inspired by his experiences in Italy, where Elie spent a month to attend a workshop with Italian designers.

"I always wanted to get that Italian cut and to experience the way Italian men dress," he said, describing how well put together the men he saw dressed even while going about mundane tasks.

"it was an eye-opener," he said.

While in Italy, Elie toured Rome, Milan, Florence and Venice.

Each city had its own charm.

The architecture in Rome was amazing, he said, while the streets of Florence left him excited and Venice 's romance enticed him.

"Every city has a different feel which I incorporated into my designs," he said of the collection. 

Elie designs for the man who takes pride in the way he dresses, is stylish and confident or looking to boost his confidence with a well-tailored garment. 

"Based on the feedback I have been getting on Facebook, a lot of men are reaching out for advice on how to dress.  I like to see a man's wardrobe in perspective. Whatever your job is, dress appropriately. It is all about the fit, have yourself looking nice," he said, urging men to stop running down American brands and to support local ones. 

Prima Volta will be launched at the Hyatt Regency from 7 pm. 





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