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Thursday 13 August, 2020

Eight romantic places to propose in T&T

So you’ve been together for a while and you know that this person is ‘the one’, but where do you pop the question to make it truly memorable?

Fear not, here are eight suggestions for truly breathtaking scenery to make that moment even more magical.

Of course, Trinidad and Tobago has no end of beautiful spots; these are just a tiny sample of what’s out there.

1. Nylon Pool, Pigeon Point, Tobago

Tobago is well-known for its beautiful beaches and scenery, and what could be more romantic than proposing in nature’s own swimming pool in the middle of the ocean?

There’s also an old wives’ tale that couples who kiss beneath the waters of the Nylon Pool will be happily married forever.

You can get there using a tour boat leaving from Store Bay or Pigeon Point; make sure to pack refreshments and snacks for the trip, which lasts from two to three hours.


2. No Man’s Land, Tobago

Mere metres away from Pigeon Point is a magical beach called No Man’s Land (although with recent numerous visits by party and tour boats that name no longer fits) which features a beautiful stretch of shallow turquoise waters, white sandy beaches and a picturesque setting.

The sandbar juts out next to the Bon Accord lagoon without any amenities, so it’s best to stay hydrated and even toast the moment, either with bubbles, or for the non-alcoholic among us, a frosty cold Apple J or Ginger Ale.


3. Fort George

For those seeking a different sort of view, Fort George, which is located in the hills above Port of Spain, has a breathtaking setting, showing a vista spanning the capital and the Gulf of Paria.

Make a day of it, plan a day out with snacks, sandwiches and drinks, and when he/she is least expecting it, against this breathtaking backdrop, make it a moment they’ll never forget.


4. San Fernando Hill

Another vista worth noting is the scenic and romantic San Fernando Hill, which gives viewers a grand view of South Trinidad.

Take along a packed lunch and add some crispy cold soft drinks like Ginger Ale or Apple J, if driving. Sit back and relax, enjoy the view, and when the moment is right, gaze into their eyes and make them an offer they can’t refuse.


5. Temple on the Sea, Waterloo

Against the backdrop of the holy Temple on the Sea, make the moment even more sacred by pledging your everlasting love for one another, complete with the backdrop of the Gulf of Paria.

The Temple is world-famous and merits respect from all who make the pilgrimage to pray, reflect and meditate.

When visiting the Temple, be careful to abide by the rules posted at the site.


6. Bamboo Cathedral, Chaguaramas

It’s not called a cathedral for nothing, as this beautiful spot, which is named after the towering green bamboo that forms an arch, is perfect for asking the question.

It is however, a popular spot, so the best time to do the deed may be in the early morning, and let the beautiful whispering of bamboo leaves assist you as you ask those nerve-wracking four words.


7. Caroni Bird Sanctuary

This beautiful reserve is home to the national bird and is also an important wetland for the country’s ecosystem.

Start by taking a scenic tour (we suggest Winston Nanan’s Tours), and while surrounded by this ravishing natural beauty, make the moment even more memorable by asking your soul mate that special question.

One caveat, make sure to take along mosquito repellent.


8. Paria Bay, Trinidad

Accessible either via hiking or boat, Paria Bay’s picturesque Cathedral Rock is another breathtaking spot to pop the question.

Although the hike is somewhat arduous, it’s worth it…much like your relationship, so go for it!

Take along snacks and refreshments to keep you and your beloved going, as you prepare to make the big question.

For those that have already taken the plunge, where did you propose to your loved one? Share in the comments. 


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