Wednesday 15 July, 2020

Elevated flooding potential in November, Met Office says

While the months September to November are expected to be less wet than usual across the country, the potential for flooding remains high during heavy and extreme downpours.

That’s according to the Meteorological Service (Met Office), which in its Rainfall and Temperature Outlook for the September to November (SON) period noted that November is likely to be the wettest month with elevated potential for flooding.

Citizens are also warned that even with the expected rainfall, a number of short hot spells and hot days (maximum temperatures equal to or greater than 34 ⁰C in Trinidad and 32 ⁰C in Tobago) are anticipated.

Daytime and nighttime temperatures are forecasted to be warmer than average for all of Trinidad and Tobago during SON.

The Met Office also noted that risk for riverine flooding, landslips and landslides given existing conditions: soaked grounds and high water levels, along with less frequent but extremely heavy downpours.

Additional observances included increased risk for higher incidences of vector borne diseases during, the possibility of rapid multiplication of some agricultural pests, diseases and fungal growth; and the spread of diseases such as Gastroenteritis and Salmonella infections.

The Met Office also advised that heat related health risks are enhanced during September and October for individuals most vulnerable to extremely hot conditions.

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