Wednesday 8 July, 2020

EMA: No human waste dumped in Queen's Park Savannah

Speaking on the TV6 Morning Edition programme on Friday, the EMA’s Assistant Manager for the Waste, Water, GIS Unit, Wayne Rajkumar, said there may have been minor spillage but no dumping was carried out.

“What may have happened is in moving the trucks these portable toilets usually have a reservoir to capture the urine and waste. It may not have been pumped completely so when they were tilting it there may have been some spillage.”

He added that there should be proper management in future when the facilities are being removed, including proper procedures to ensure there is no spillage.

Citizens expressed disgust after photos were shown of what appeared to be leakage from portable toilets being emptied into the Queen’s Park Savannah after the Carnival festivities ended. 


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