Sunday 5 July, 2020

Emancipation Day winner snags $19M Lotto jackpot in Diego Martin

One lucky winner must have felt truly emancipated after winning the $19 million dollar Lotto jackpot on August 1. 

According to the NCLB, the winning numbers - 1, 6, 9, 28, 30, grabbed the multi-million dollar jackpot. 

The winning ticket was purchased at Khan's Supermarket in Diego Martin, which is the biggest winning ticket the supermarket has ever sold to date.

Owner of Khan's Supermarket, Richard Khan, said he is pleased that his Lotto booth sold the winning ticket.

"I feel elated and ecstatic that someone has gone home with that taking through our booth. I hope they put it to good use and I wish them all the best," he said.

Khan also encouraged others to try their luck at his booth after this recent windfall. 

"Khan's has always been known as a lucky place to shop, we ensure that it's one of the safest environments where customers can come and shop and be comfortable. We definitely hope more customers come to 'try their luck' so to speak and enjoy their shopping or play their Play Whe or Lotto here," he said. 

However, after the newly implemented tax on NLCB winnings, the winner will be taking home just over $17 million. 

As of July 30, all NLCB winnings over $1,000 will be subject to a 10 percent tax. 

However, the NLCB said non-cash prizes such as vehicles would not be taxed.

The NLCB provided the following facts on how the tax will work:

1) What is the tax on NLCB’s games?

10 percent tax will be deducted from cash prize paid over $1000 from July 30th. Non-cash prizes will NOT be taxed e.g. Scratch Big Ride top prizes (Toyota Hilux and Nissan NP 300)

2) Will this tax to be applied to all NLCB games?

Yes, the 10 percent tax will be applied on Play Whe, Pick 2, Pick 4 Cash Pot, Lotto Plus, Fast Cash, Super Five, Scratch (All Games)

3) How will the tax be deducted?

The 10 percent tax will be automatically deducted on total winnings per ticket $1000.


Pick 2 wager = $5.00

Winnings = $2000.00

10 percent Tax = 200

Total take home = $2000-$200=$1800

4) How will the prize be rounded off?

The prize amount will be rounded to the nearest dollar as follows:

Any amount of $0.50 to $0.99 would be rounded up to the nearest dollar.

Any amount of $0.01 to 0.49 would be recorded down to the nearest dollar.


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